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Nutritional Report

The 'Nutritional Report' is a comprehensive clinical analysis of your diet, health, activity and lifestyle. The one-off cost to prepare the report includes all of the following: diet & activity analysis, blood analysis, lifestyle analysis and consultation. The finished report is made up of three sections: current health status, recommended energy and macro intake and personalised diet & activity plan.


Current Health Status

The first part of the report provides an overview and interpretation of your current health status based on data extrapolated from food and activity diaries, blood panel analysis, and other biomedical analyses. It provides a precise fix on your current health status.


Recommended Energy & Macronutrient Intake

Based on your anthropometrics, activity and lifestyle we provide detailed estimates of your daily energy and macronutrient requirements. Recommendations are drawn from the latest scientific evidence.


Personalised Nutrition & Activity Plan

The final part of the report provides a personalised Nutrition & Activity plan to help you move towards your specific personal goals, be it weight loss, disease management or sports performance. The plan will help you improve and optimise your nutrition & activity towards your personal goals.


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