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Hear from our clients on how we have helped them

I met Bernie whilst I was ill with glandular fever in 2017 and in the middle of a three month hiatus off the bike feeling very frustrated and sorry for myself (for a keen cyclist this is an awful long time to have to rest). This was something that I never wanted to repeat again, especially knowing that it was mainly down to me mistreating myself, so I looked into the best way to get back to fitness without compromising my health and my wellbeing again.

Bernie and I had an initial meeting - where his enthusiasm for nutrition was infectious! He analysed all of my personal and training data and felt it was possible for me to provide a much more solid foundation to my sporting lifestyle with the proper nutrition - both in terms of getting enough calories, the right macros and the necessary micros. So, under Bernie's guidance I set about fuelling myself with the right foods and following a more balanced training programme.

At first we worked very closely together because I had all sorts of bad habits and addictions. But as I got more confident and experienced at what to eat or avoid and how to train or not (which was often much tougher than the eating part!) I saw Bernie less and less. I think this works well because he gives you the support when you need it, but aims for you to no longer need him.

Being under Bernie's wing for a year was a life changing experience. Following my recovery from GF I was never ill (apart from the odd cold when I tried to push my training too hard once or twice against his advice) and I managed to build my fitness way beyond where I thought I could get to - even managing some big successes in both Regional and National Time Trialling competitions. This was all achieved through effectively training less than I had before and looking after myself and I know for sure I wouldn't be where I am today without his help.

Ruth Burrows

Since suffering health issues Bernie has advised me on a bespoke fitness and eating programme which has shown very real benefits to my overall health. I certainly feel stronger, leaner, fitter and have more energy as a result of the Programme Bernie has implemented. I can highly recommend him.

John Mitchell

We’ve both been active & keen on sport & exercise for many years, but working with Bernie took us up another level with regards to our nutrition, training plans & recovery periods. As a result, we’ve both improved our cycling performance & achieved our personal short term goals, reduced overall body fat % & most importantly we feel that we have the knowledge to work out how to take our fitness forward. We also enjoy it!

We would recommend Bernie without hesitation.

Paul & Andrea Brown
Education Consultants

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